Waks Media Circus

Lots of posts on this site have to do with Manny Waks and all the different people he gets into disputes with.

None of the posts fit this story, so it needs a topic on its own.

Manny Waks is now suing his brother Avi Yemini for defamation because of comments Avi made about pedophile Keller staying at their parents house last year.


Two points:

Manny says Avi’s claims “seriously injured his … reputation”. Is that even possible?

Timing is perfect for the launch of Manny’s book http://www.mannywaks.com/book-who-gave-you-permission.html next week. He just can’t stay out of the press for too long, can he?

Zephania Waks aliya

Zephania Waks keeps making a big fuss about getting an aliya in Yeshivah Shul
Rabbi Telsner always said he could have one for a real chiyuv like yohrzeit
The argument is about for a birthday or a grandchild which is not halacha
He sent around all the emails back and forth about him trying to take them to Beis Din to prove he is right
Does he know only a beis din kovuah can make a summons?
Does he know that you cant force someone to go to zablo?

Probably he doesnt care because all of Mannys chassidim and all of the idiots on failed messiah dont know the difference and the whole idea is to make Yeshivah and Lubavitch look bad.
Zephania keeps sending all his emails to failed messiah and Shmarya makes up juicy headlines.
No-one can send him an e-mail any more because they know where it will end up


Everyone in Yeshivah knows the reason the gaboim wont give him an aliya is because Zephania has publicly farshemt Rabbi Telsner and Lubavitch.

If he thinks the Human Rights Commission will get involved then he is a bigger idiot than anyone.
Its all part of the Wakx media circus
They are all preaching to the converted anyway
Anyone who disagrees with anything he says gets jumped on and called a protector of pedophiles

Yeshivah vs Waks

Waks (Manny and Zephania) say the Yeshivah Centre has it in for them because they are coming out against the sex abuse and cover up that happened years ago.
Yeshivah executive as usual say nothing like Sgt Shultz
They think they can ignore for long enough and it will all go away
A few people in shul won’t give Waks an aliya and Waks snr gets Waks jnr to kick up a big fuss when this happens
Telsner said Zephania didn’t act like a chossid so he shouldn’t get an aliya when its a Chabad custom
Everyone forgets what a nuisance Waks has been to Yeshivah for so many years
All his kids went to the school and they didn’t pay a cent
Way before Manny was sexually abused his father threw him out of the house
Balabatim took him in and gave him food and a place to stay and his father begged them not to
Eventually he went to Israel and joined the army and married a nice blonde
Now he and his father are best friends again
Fighting against the common enemy Yeshivah and looking for a big payday?
People at Yeshivah had it in for him before the sex abuse stuff and had plenty of reasons
Zephania keeps making anonymous comments under different names on blogs
Is he in breach of the court orders that put a gag on the cases?