Head Shliach vs Head Shliach

Letter from Chaim Tzvi Groner on 1 March

Please be advised that I terminated Rabbi Chaim Herzog’s appointment as a Chabad shliach on 14 Cheshvan 5774, 18th October, 2013.

Accordingly, Rabbi Chaim Herzog does not have my authority to continue to use the names “Chabad” or “Lubavitch” in any activities being conducted by him, including but not limited to Chabad of CBD (Melbourne).  Any continued use of these names in conjunction with any activities undertaken or initiated by him is without my authority.

I acknowledge that more should have been done to have publicised this determination earlier.

I apologise to those that may have been impacted by my failure to have more publically alerted the community of my determination to terminate Rabbi Chaim Herzog’s appointment as a Chabad shliach earlier.

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner
Head Shliach, Melbourne Australia

Letter from Yossel Gutnick on 4 March

It is with deep regret that I read the letter from Rabbi C Z Groner, disseminated to all members of the Yeshivah Community via the Yeshiva community email. Its well known that the Chabad Houses  are an independent organization headed by Rabbi A Serebransky, Rabbi Yossel Gutnick, and Rabbi C Z Groner  all appointed by Chabad Headquarters in N Y and not under one individual, or the Yeshiva organization.
In the current climate with the tragic events that have recently befallen our community together with the negative publicity emanating from the Royal Commission, in the spirit of unity  and Chabad values and  principals we encourage all Anash and Shluchim to work together and work out  issues internally, and not fragment  Cahbad Houses and their Emissary’s .

As there are three head Shiluchim responsible for Chabad  Houses around  Australia (excluding NSW headed by Rabbi P Feldman ) this issue and all future issues should be discussed and agreed upon to by the three Head Shiluchim  and not by one individual independently taking severe action of this nature on his own accord.

The letter and action taken by Rabbi CZ Groner was without consent and should be retracted. I strongly urge the letter against Rabbi C Herzog should be withdrawn forthwith.

I would like to conclude with the Blessing of
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Rabbi Yossel Gunick
Head Shilach Australia


The two of them have become a joke
Why did Chaim Tzvi write this now?
What was he planning to do if Herzog defies him just as he has been doing for years?
Yossel was put under pressure by Levi Mochkin and Henry Herzog to come out against Chaim Tzvi.
Yossel has a conflict of interest as the three crooks are all in business together.
Now this has become an issue of who is in charge of shluchim
Where is Reb Arol Serebryanski in all this?

Groner vs Herzog

Here is the history of the last 15 years

In 1998, Rabbi Groner OBM appointed Chaim Herzog as shliach in Melbourne CBD
Herzog began harassing anyone who he thought was a competitor
This continued for many years and is still happening
His victims include: Eliezer Kornhauser, Benyomin Serebryanski, David Werdiger, Shlomo Nathanson, Dovid Gutnick & Menachem Stern
In 2008 Rabbi Groner OBM died and Chaim Tzvi Groner took his place as head shliach, with Yossel Gutnick and Arel SerebryanskiHerzog got Serebryanski delisted as a shliach and scared Nathanson away from doing peulos in Docklands
At the end of 2010, Groner and Telsner wrote a letter to Serebryanski confirming that Herzog was a shliach in the CBD
Just before the kinus in 2012, Chaim Tzvi Groner wrote a letter to Herzog saying he was no longer under his head shlichus
Herzog took him to Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch and claimed that Groner had no right to sack him without the agreement of the other 2 head shluchim
Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch said they have to bring the case to beis din or zablo and in the meantime, there is an ikkul against publicizing it
Groner has been ready to go to beis din for many months
Herzog came back from overseas a couple months ago and resumed stalking Stern and Werdiger
Chaim Tzvi Groner had the ikkul removed and publicized the sacking
Herzog made a public statement that Groner had no right to sack him without the agreement of the other 2 head shluchim
Herzog has been publicizing his Chanukah event and the ad says the Premier is coming

What will happen next? Is this finally it for Herzog? Stay tuned …

Gutnick does a runner

Yossel Gutnick has left Melbourne for Singapore.
There are suckers over there who don’t know what a crook he is.
But here in Melbourne he has run off and dumped everything.
First he told the smicha program that this would be the last year.
Then he said they would no longer get shabbos meals in the dorm.
Now he wrote to them and said he is closing the program early.
They won’t even get to finish or get a farher.
He has told Levin and Szmerling that they are no longer needed.
He has sacked other people working at 770 with hardly any notice.
He just ran off and shut everything down leaving everyone in the lurch.

Engel vs Yeshivah Centre

Mordy Engel has been having a machlokes with Yeshivah Centre for a long time
They wanted to sack him but he got an ikul from Sydney Beis Din
Then Telsner ruled it was OK to sack him so they did
Telsner is also employed by the Yeshivah
Engel has been taking Yeshivah to Beis Din over this
Gutnick from Sydney is borer for Engel and Kaminetzky is borer for Yeshivah
They have been arguing for months over getting a sholish
Somehow Sydney Beis Din is also involved
Now Kaminetzky writes a nasty letter to Sydney Beis Din
Sydney Beis Din respond by putting him in cherem and also with a letter to the Yeshivah executive

How can Telsner rule against Sydney Beis Din?
Also, he works for the Yeshivah so he has a conflict
Why is Sydney Beis Din involved if this is a zablo?
Can Gutnick be Engel’s borer and also on Sydney Beis Din in the same case?
The only thing everyone agrees is that Kaminetzky is an animal