Cooke vs Yeshivah

Waks has left the country and is busy with much bigger things, like promoting himself on the global stage.

[redacted] is no longer relevant and has gone silent.

Bruce Cooke keeps taking the fight up to Yeshivah

He made a long submission to the VQRA against Rabbi Glick and was told that Glick has no case to answer.

He spread some rumours about Nechama Bendet and the ESS contract which were completely false. He keeps mentioning her as often as possible.

Everyone at Yeshivah knows that Rabbi Telsner is a lame duck and just waiting for a deal for him to walk away, but Cooke keeps slamming him.

Latest target is Hersh Cooper who is still a trustee but is busy behind the scenes setting up a new constitution where someone like him could not be a director because he doesn’t live in the community. Is he a hypocrite or is he fixing a big problem with the current structure?

He even attacks Rabbi Groner, who is dead, and can’t answer for what he did and why back then. That is low. Anyone who dares defend what Rabbi Groner did is also on Bruce’s hit list.

Bruce: all these people are either gone or on the way out. What do you hope to achieve except throw mud?

Royal Commission Hearing

Readers have asked for a special topic to talk about the Royal Commission hearing next week. The purpose of the hearing is in the link.
Everyone’s favourite secret recorder and leaker of conversations has been very busy. Anyone with half a brain can see that and have nothing to do with the purpose of the hearing.

Ash vs Yeshivah College

The Yeshivah have been trying to get rid of Pinchas Ash for years.
No-one knows why because he’s been one of the better teachers and principals there and he’s a talmid chochom too.
They tried once a few years ago and it didn’t work.
Then they wanted to worm out of paying his super.
Now they are trying again and he is taking them to court.
In the meantime, Glick is still there and no-one knows why.
The Yeshivah have no idea who to sack and who to keep.
Even when they sack someone, they always mess it up.
That’s what happens when you get Goldhirsh to negotiate.