Groner vs Herzog

Here is the history of the last 15 years

In 1998, Rabbi Groner OBM appointed Chaim Herzog as shliach in Melbourne CBD
Herzog began harassing anyone who he thought was a competitor
This continued for many years and is still happening
His victims include: Eliezer Kornhauser, Benyomin Serebryanski, David Werdiger, Shlomo Nathanson, Dovid Gutnick & Menachem Stern
In 2008 Rabbi Groner OBM died and Chaim Tzvi Groner took his place as head shliach, with Yossel Gutnick and Arel SerebryanskiHerzog got Serebryanski delisted as a shliach and scared Nathanson away from doing peulos in Docklands
At the end of 2010, Groner and Telsner wrote a letter to Serebryanski confirming that Herzog was a shliach in the CBD
Just before the kinus in 2012, Chaim Tzvi Groner wrote a letter to Herzog saying he was no longer under his head shlichus
Herzog took him to Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch and claimed that Groner had no right to sack him without the agreement of the other 2 head shluchim
Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch said they have to bring the case to beis din or zablo and in the meantime, there is an ikkul against publicizing it
Groner has been ready to go to beis din for many months
Herzog came back from overseas a couple months ago and resumed stalking Stern and Werdiger
Chaim Tzvi Groner had the ikkul removed and publicized the sacking
Herzog made a public statement that Groner had no right to sack him without the agreement of the other 2 head shluchim
Herzog has been publicizing his Chanukah event and the ad says the Premier is coming

What will happen next? Is this finally it for Herzog? Stay tuned …

Amzalak vs Koncepolski

Koncepolski took Amzalak to beis din over a share deal
Not really Koncepolski but instead Thaler in Israel who is just Koncepolski’s stooge for tax reasons
Beis din of Kaminetzky, Ulman and Teslner rules without hearing all Amzalak’s evidence
Telsner and Kaminetzky run to do a siruv against Amzalak without Ulman
Telsner was calling around to try and get Amzalak’s kids thrown out of school
Now it’s going to court but really about Telsner and Kaminetzky
Kaminetzky claims he is a rabbi not a businessman and has nothing against Amzalak over a deal he made

Koncepolski and Amzalak deserve each other – only question is who is the bigger crook?
If Kaminetzky is a Rabbi why does he go to strip bars?
Why does Telsner keep messing into things he doesnt understand?