Smukler vs COM

There is a dispute between Rabbi Smukler and the Yeshivah Committee of Management, but we don’t know what it is about.
He was their star witness at the RC but now they are fighting.
Different people have put their versions out there to suit their own agendas.
AVB and his special adviser YN want everyone to think it’s all coming from the Royal Commission. The fools at the AJN will print anything those two tell them and even the editor says what he thinks about it
But Smukler went looking around at other jobs last year long before the RC, and now has a job offer in his home town of Toronto.
Some people say his contract is up for renewal and now he knows he is worth a lot more so is playing hardball with the COM.
Anyone who has dealt with the tough guys on the COM knows that they are experts at playing hardball too.
The people who had disputes with the school (family C and family D and their friends) want him to go.
Some people who sided with them against Smukler now have changed and want him to stay. Maybe this is because they hate the COM even more than Smukler?
The inside word is that the dispute isn’t because of the RC. Smukler wants full control to run the school himself. He doesn’t even want to account to a parent body. Is that any worse than the COM who don’t account to anyone?

Royal Commission Hearing

Readers have asked for a special topic to talk about the Royal Commission hearing next week. The purpose of the hearing is in the link.
Everyone’s favourite secret recorder and leaker of conversations has been very busy. Anyone with half a brain can see that and have nothing to do with the purpose of the hearing.

Weinberg vs Chabad

Phillip Weinberg has blamed the whole of Chabad for the child sex abuse crimes.

He has been campaigning for people not to send their kid to Chabad day care and school in protest.

He launched a petition for Don Wolf and Rabbi Glick to apologize and resign, but after a month he doesn’t even have 500 signatures and they are mostly from people who aren’t even part of the local community.

The latest thing is that he has attacked the Shabbos Project. First he said people who go to Shabbos Project events at a Chabad House should “ask the Rabbi why the same people who were in charge of Chabad when children were sexually abused, remain in charge of Chabad today”. Then, he went further and said “There are many ways to support The Shabbos Project without supporting Chabad and institutional cover ups of child sex abuse” which is saying people should stay away from Chabad.

His post on Facebook got 10 comments attacking this stupidity and calling this a boycott, but this morning all the comments were removed!

Weinberg is attacking the whole Chabad for coverups, but then he himself deletes any comments that are critical. What a hypocrite! Manny Waks has done the same thing with critical comments on Facebook. ENOUGH! NO MORE SILENCE! NO MORE CENSORSHIP!

If someone has a screen shot of the comments, please send them here so we can post them.

Besides all of that, Wolf already apologized more than 3 years ago, and he thinks that Wolf is in charge of the entire Chabad and that Yeshivah is responsible for what every Chabad House in Melbourne does. What an idiot!

Waks vs Glick

Waks has finally got his man – has destroyed Rabbi Glick
There is one alleged victim who has made incredible claims of rape on the bimah in the shul
Lots of people are speaking up for Glick because the claims are so crazy.
With Cyprys Kramer and Kestecher plenty of people in the community knew but the Rabbis and exec handled them very badly
This case has come totally out of the blue so it’s very different which is why everyone is up in arms about it
The police spoke to Glick last week and he was officially “arrested” but just for questioning not for a crime and was released straight away but still the word helps make it look like more of a scandal
Smukler did exactly what he said he would do when Waks called him out when it was only rumour. Glick is suspended and has not come in to Yeshivah.

There are a few strange things about this case
Usually police only investigate when there is more than one victim but here there is only one
There has been a lot of leaks to the media about this
Lots of details about the crime have come out
Looks like a very big smear campaign against Glick who has always been a Waks target

Whatever happens next, whatever is left of Glick’s reputation is shot forever, so a big win to Waks. Even if there are never any charges, this mud will stick.

Groner vs Herzog

Here is the history of the last 15 years

In 1998, Rabbi Groner OBM appointed Chaim Herzog as shliach in Melbourne CBD
Herzog began harassing anyone who he thought was a competitor
This continued for many years and is still happening
His victims include: Eliezer Kornhauser, Benyomin Serebryanski, David Werdiger, Shlomo Nathanson, Dovid Gutnick & Menachem Stern
In 2008 Rabbi Groner OBM died and Chaim Tzvi Groner took his place as head shliach, with Yossel Gutnick and Arel SerebryanskiHerzog got Serebryanski delisted as a shliach and scared Nathanson away from doing peulos in Docklands
At the end of 2010, Groner and Telsner wrote a letter to Serebryanski confirming that Herzog was a shliach in the CBD
Just before the kinus in 2012, Chaim Tzvi Groner wrote a letter to Herzog saying he was no longer under his head shlichus
Herzog took him to Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch and claimed that Groner had no right to sack him without the agreement of the other 2 head shluchim
Vaad Rabonei Lubavitch said they have to bring the case to beis din or zablo and in the meantime, there is an ikkul against publicizing it
Groner has been ready to go to beis din for many months
Herzog came back from overseas a couple months ago and resumed stalking Stern and Werdiger
Chaim Tzvi Groner had the ikkul removed and publicized the sacking
Herzog made a public statement that Groner had no right to sack him without the agreement of the other 2 head shluchim
Herzog has been publicizing his Chanukah event and the ad says the Premier is coming

What will happen next? Is this finally it for Herzog? Stay tuned …

Manny vs Rabbis

Latest target for Manny is Lesches from Sydney, now living in Monsey NY.
Also picked up by JTA and everyone else

Again Manny and useful idiots searching the world for Rabbis who say bad things about sex abuse and then shaming them
Says because there are 10 Rabbis so far it means all frummer yidden are bad

People forgot to ask – who recorded it?
Manny says it wasn’t him but does anyone believe he was not part of it?
What else did Lesches say?
What was the conversation about?
All we have is Fairfax edited “highlights”

Gutnick does a runner

Yossel Gutnick has left Melbourne for Singapore.
There are suckers over there who don’t know what a crook he is.
But here in Melbourne he has run off and dumped everything.
First he told the smicha program that this would be the last year.
Then he said they would no longer get shabbos meals in the dorm.
Now he wrote to them and said he is closing the program early.
They won’t even get to finish or get a farher.
He has told Levin and Szmerling that they are no longer needed.
He has sacked other people working at 770 with hardly any notice.
He just ran off and shut everything down leaving everyone in the lurch.