Tzedek vs Waks

Manny Waks was dumped by Tzedek a few years ago after his accusations against Rabbi Glick.

Now Waks and Tzedek are fighting about Adass appointing Meir Kluwgant as CEO and Principal.

Waks and victim advocate Phillip Weinberg have had it in for Kluwgant for years.

First, Waks attacked Adass for appointing Kluwgant. The Tzedek made a statement correcting what Waks said they said. Then Waks responded with a long post of his version of what happened. Then Tzedek replied and agreed that they didn’t support Adass’s decision.

Who do you believe?

Should Tzedek be doing or saying more?

Should Waks keep mixing in to Melbourne things while he lives on the other side of the world?

Will Adass school be unsafe for children if Kluwgant is these?