Yeshivah Elections

The Yeshivah elections for YBRSL and CIVL are in full swing.

There is even more mudslinging than Clinton and Trump.

Lots of letters from candidates and even Smukler got involved to say he is not endorsing anyone.

What do you think? Who will get in?


23 thoughts on “Yeshivah Elections

  1. Why did deVries endorse Herbst and Herszberg as if they are a ticket, but neither of them endorsed him? Are they running a ticket?

  2. Possibly because he’s not an idiot.

    I mean no reflection on the candidates who have remained in contention; I am sure they have many fine qualities.

  3. Smukler has been running the school himself. We need a Chabad board to make it a Chabad school again.

  4. Yes, Chabad Ethos. The last Chabad board did such a great job. Only allowed dozens of kids to be abused and took Yeshivah to a Royal Commission. Is that what a Chabad school looks like? None of this matters anyway. It’s all going to be thrown out in the next few months when the Royal Commission findings come out and then Yeshivah faces another hearing which will be worse than the first. All the board members will have to resign again. The Trustees were supposed to resign, not put Chaim-Tzvi there for life. And when government funding gets cut, we’re all screwed.

  5. Menachem you are full of shit. Nothing major will happen directly from the RC findings and there will not be another hearing with witnesses about Yeshivah.
    Agree with you that CTG should not be there. Do 75% of members agree with that?

  6. Surely some more resignations will fix any problems. If not, we can always elect some more people and have them resign, too.

  7. Menachem – saying the previous executive didn’t have a Chabad ethos because they failed abuse victims is throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Doing the right things by victims shouldn’t be because they are Chabad or frum or Jewish.

    What I’m talking about is that we will probably lose the mesivtah because or Eric’s new school, and that YBR isn’t the school it used to be for unzerer.

  8. I don’t think the Rebbe ever wanted “a school for unzerer”. He wanted a frum school that was good enough to attract non-Chabad students, and the Serebryanskis and Groners and so forth coped by having their kids split off from the mainstream after primary school. I don’t know if what they did was legal (I suspect it wasn’t) but it shows that Yeshiva was never “a school for unzerer”.

    Frankly, I think these parents should consider very carefully the fact that the Rebbe never established a separate “school for unzerer” in Melbourne, and ask themselves whether establishing a separate one is consistent with the Chabad tradition of being neros l’hoir. I do know that the effect of removing most frum kids from our class had a horrible effect on it, both intellectually and spiritually.

    My experience has been that maintaining a “mixed” class elevates the weaker kids and strengthens the ones with a more substantial background. Separating them can only lead to a vicious cycle in which the mainstream class deteriorates when the “best” kids are extracted for the mesivta, while the mesivta itself becomes weirder and more arbitrary while chasing an idiosyncratic idea of frumkeit.

  9. Another nasty anonymous e-mail going around today just before the AGM. Seems some people don’t like PFYM.

  10. Before the YBR one, people were saying PFYM were going to make a motion that Kingsley be removed as a director and they had lots of proxies, but it never happened. Someone heard Chezky New walking off in the middle saying there are too many people here. I assume that means they wouldn’t get enough votes to get it through.
    The whole thing was pretty boring.
    Someone needed to shut up Leon Soloveitchik.
    There were 3 total strangers in the foyer collecting votes. Some of the candidates complained that they didn’t know who they are and how could they be doing this?

  11. The first casualty in a war (and this is a war) is said to be the truth:


    Someone heard Chezky New walking off in the middle saying there are too many people here.

  12. What does PFYM mean? Pining For Yemot Moshiach? Pinching From Your Money? Popular Front of Yeshiva Melbourne?

  13. Mannys exact words to me were :

    no victim I spoke to disagreed – each and every one agreed with it 100%! The only reason I included it this time is because I don’t want there to be a perception that I necessarily represent all victims. That’s obviously not the case as no one can ever represent an entire segment of the population…

  14. Bruce is too kind. Kids raped and molested, cover ups, victims ostracized and bullied, the Chillul Hashem of the RC where the confusion found that most things rabbis said were allegedly perhaps maybe untrue, and those that knew and covered it up refusing to resign, and fed up s biggest problem is the semantics of whether Manny was representing all the victims or only a few, and why. You should realize that the cover up hurts as badly as the rape. If Mr X on the executive knew twenty years ago and let a molester keep working at Yeshivah, then should Mr X resign? It’s not a complicated thing.

  15. Steven, Manny identified people who weren’t even in Australia twenty years ago, people who have never been on the executive, people whose only reported failing has been to say something mean about Manny’s dad.

    I’m sure that Manny would have been telling the truth when he reportedly said “no victim I spoke to disagreed”, but Manny himself set up an organisation to speak on behalf of Jewish victims of child abuse. One of the reasons for that, it seems to me, is the concern that an individual’s statements might be seen as self-serving and vindictive, an attempt to settle old scores through the use of what Americans call a bully pulpit. I think it’s important for that principle to be respected. If there’s any weight to Manny’s position then Tzedek should be behind him; if there isn’t, he should speak for himself and not “on behalf of” other victims.

  16. There’s been a mailout of the AGM minutes; better late than never.

    I don’t envy the new directors their job. Reading between the lines of the financial reports and the minutes, I think the school and Yeshivah centre are facing a financial crisis over the next few years, and I’m not sure they’re ready to face it.

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