Waks Media Circus

Lots of posts on this site have to do with Manny Waks and all the different people he gets into disputes with.

None of the posts fit this story, so it needs a topic on its own.

Manny Waks is now suing his brother Avi Yemini for defamation because of comments Avi made about pedophile Keller staying at their parents house last year.


Two points:

Manny says Avi’s claims “seriously injured his … reputation”. Is that even possible?

Timing is perfect for the launch of Manny’s book http://www.mannywaks.com/book-who-gave-you-permission.html next week. He just can’t stay out of the press for too long, can he?


33 thoughts on “Waks Media Circus

  1. Truth is always the best defence. Manny will have a lot of trouble proving Zephaniah didn’t know Keller was a paedophile when he was warned by no less than the head of Jewish Community Watch!

  2. It’s easy to snark, but none of *us* have ever received a medal for saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust. There is no end to Manny’s accomplishments.

  3. That is nuts! How could he accept such a thing? Maybe Bob Dylan will offer him his Nobel Prize for that stupid book?

  4. That was quick. Looks like Manny won. Avi has taken all posts down. So much for him fighting until the end to prove the truth. He and Underpupick get it wrong yet again.

  5. Surely the presence or absence of a Facebook page has nothing to do with “proving the truth.”

    Anyway, I never really understood the significance of Avi Yemini’s allegation, or why Manny found it so offensive, but nothing Avi might say could make me think any the less of Manny.

  6. D.Famation – they both agreed not to post anything about each other.
    How do you think Manny is scoring with all the defamation actions against him? I think so far he has lost about 4 and the ones from the book haven’t even started yet.

  7. If you do nothing, you will never do anything wrong, you will never make any mistakes, you will never be criticised. To say he is an attention seeker or lives far away and has no vested interest in Yeshivah is total bullshit. Without Manny, Cyprus would still be security at Yeshivah, there would be no royal commission into Yeshivah, and if not for Kramer’s victim in the US, Kramer would be free with no conviction, Leifer might still be headmistress at Adass etc sms who know who might be accusing your kids or grand kids today.

  8. Steven – is Manny justified for defaming people, slinging mud at those who criticized him, and holding grudges about anyone and any organization until they bow down and apologize to him or resign?

  9. I don’t know if he has done those things, and I doubt they did, but even assuming they did, would you rather be where we are now or where we were five to ten years ago. You all like ripping into Manny, why do I not hear any criticism of the executive and school teachers and rabbis who knew about the paedophiles and actively keep quiet, instead of alerting the police, and unnecessarily helping destroy people’s lives.

  10. He has done all of those things. He’s been sued for defamation a few times. His testimony, his posts and his book throw mud at people without regard. For some reason, you have taken his narrative which is that everything he did is justified, and everything the Yeshivah leadership did is wrong.
    Maybe the truth is in the middle?
    Around the Yeshivah, there is tons of criticism at the leaders and the former executive. Everyone can’t stand them now. One is dead. Families are ripped apart (including the Waks family, which is the biggest tragedy of all that Manny can barely admit to).
    We took one step forward and two steps back.

  11. To be fair, he’s also brought defamation action(s?) himself, so the net number of defamation actions is probably lower than that.

  12. I still don’t know what you are referring to regarding defamation etc. I do know that I would rather trade some defamation cases for thirty or sixty kids not being molested, because without him Cyprus, Leifer, would still be “operating”, because those that knew were such fucking cowards. They could have gone to the police and if they were sacked then they could have dealt with it later and saved the horrific abuse the victims got. It’s amazing that Cyprus wasn’t even sacked.

  13. No, it’s more like 1000 steps forward and a couple back (perhaps, because I don’t know what you are referring to). The whole Jewish world is alert to paedophilia mainly due to Manny.

  14. Meanwhile the shenanigans continue at YBR with their elections. I think the Jewish News can permanently leave page 3 reserved for Melbourne Chabad Chillul Hashem stories.

  15. Manny is back in town and he has been busy. Managed to get an apology from ECAJ now that his buddy Anton Block is in charge. Has made peace with Tzedek who threw him out. Still looking for Feldman’s scalp to add to his wall.

  16. Clearly Manny and his friends don’t know about the history between Triguboff and Feldman and why he’s been such a good supporter

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