Cooke vs Yeshivah

Waks has left the country and is busy with much bigger things, like promoting himself on the global stage.

[redacted] is no longer relevant and has gone silent.

Bruce Cooke keeps taking the fight up to Yeshivah

He made a long submission to the VQRA against Rabbi Glick and was told that Glick has no case to answer.

He spread some rumours about Nechama Bendet and the ESS contract which were completely false. He keeps mentioning her as often as possible.

Everyone at Yeshivah knows that Rabbi Telsner is a lame duck and just waiting for a deal for him to walk away, but Cooke keeps slamming him.

Latest target is Hersh Cooper who is still a trustee but is busy behind the scenes setting up a new constitution where someone like him could not be a director because he doesn’t live in the community. Is he a hypocrite or is he fixing a big problem with the current structure?

He even attacks Rabbi Groner, who is dead, and can’t answer for what he did and why back then. That is low. Anyone who dares defend what Rabbi Groner did is also on Bruce’s hit list.

Bruce: all these people are either gone or on the way out. What do you hope to achieve except throw mud?


36 thoughts on “Cooke vs Yeshivah

  1. It should be VRQA, not VQRA. And for those like me who thought it had something to do with racehorses: no, it’s the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority, which is

    the statutory authority responsible for ensuring that employers of apprentices and trainees and providers of education and training (including course and qualification owners) meet quality standards, and that information is readily available to support informed choice in education and training.

    I am sure we all want teachers to be properly qualified, and pursuing an semi-retired teacher via VRQA is therefore a commendable attempt to improve education standards and has nothing to do with an obsessive desire for personal vindication.

  2. Good on you Bruce. You might just be the only honest man in the entire Yeshivah. At least you have the integrity to put your name to what you write, unlike David Werdiger and Emmanuel Althaus who use fake names to take pot shots at you. What they don’t realise is that they too are on the way out. Keep up the good work!

  3. Honest Bruce is obsessed with one thing: bring down all those “in power” and collecting scalps like Glick, Bendet, and Telsner. He and his buddies are not builders – just destroyers.

  4. Not sure what rock you’ve been living under but nobody has done a better job of destroying Yeshivah than the people and families that have been running it until now.

  5. You have a short memory. Those people and others did lots of good too for the community along the way for decades. They made their share of mistakes and are paying a very big price.

  6. Lets see how many of the whingers at yeshiva are prepared to nominate for ybrsl or civl…much easier to take pot shots than to put in hours of time, effort etc…

  7. Friend of Levi – they did more good for themselves than anybody else. As for what they did for the community, they exposed everybody’s children to child sexual abuse, turned Yeshivah into the joke of the community and made everybody ashamed to be part of it. Can’t see they’ve paid much of a price at all actually, especially compared to their victims. These are the people you think need to be given a break? No, they need to be asked to find somewhere else to daven.

  8. If you were one of the many children who received a Jewish education for almost nothing and some hartsish yiddishkeit and still say that about the people who led the Yeshivah, then you are an ungrateful pig. Sure they made mistakes – they were human beings. You and your buddies want to throw the baby out with the bath water. Where would the Melbourne Jewish community be without the people who dedicated themselves to building some great institutions?

  9. Right, so if you got raped as a 10yo at school because of the negligence of the trustees but came away with a free education you should be grateful. Only a spouse or relative of a trustee would think like that.

    Most of the trustees never contributed anything financially. The others just gave away their fathers money and destroyed their family reputation in the process. People that came away with Yidishkeit did so in spite of the trustees who wouldn’t know Yiddishkeit or Chassidus if it hit them in the face.

    There are many great organizations in the Melbourne Jewish community. Yeshivah is not one of them. You can be grateful to the people that ran it into the ground for that. If they’ll just fuck off now the rest of us might have a chance.

  10. “Waks has left the country and is busy with much bigger things, like promoting himself on the global stage” ‘Promoting himself”? You’re not worthy to lick his ass. If it wasn’t for him Kramer, Cyprys, Leifer and all the ones who were put off by the prospect of jail, might be screwing your kids today.

    Some of the comments say “Well, people built up Yeshivah but they may have made some mistakes”

    I was thinking today about the hundreds of millions dollars Australia puts into ballet and other high-end arts when that money could go to health and literally save people’s lives instead. Can we live without ballet? Can we live if we’re dead?

    Similarly the news this week was
    “Meir Pogrow a brilliant, popular and influential Torah scholar, has given over 2,000 Shiurim on the“Master Torah” Website, a website he founded.
    Apparently, he used his knowledge to seduce women and enjoyed snaring them into his sexual trap!
    He lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh but lectures throughout the world! ‘
    the Bais Din has issued a warning to women to stay away from him!”

    He is a brilliant teacher. Can people live without his 2,000 Shiurim? Can people live with whatever he did to the women? How much did he improve people’s knowledge with those Shiurim? 1%? Could they live without that 1% improvement in their knowledge? Will those women live with what he did?

    Many people did good things at Yeshivah. Are we beholden to them? Had they not done anything would Yeshivah exist today? I think so. There are schools and Yeshivah all over the world, building them is not such a miraculous affair. They’re built on the backs of school fees and government handouts and the many pupils that go through it. Public schools don’t have or need Executives.

    Did anyone watch the Royal Commission? If I were a kid and watched all the gasps in the courtroom as one Rabbi after another lied under oath, or reminisced about my sadistic teachers at Yeshivah, or where I was taught what a big mitzvah it is to get totally drunk all the time on the unlimited mashka supplied for free, then I, too would be totally turned off religion, after my parents paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for 14 years of absolute bullshit “teaching”.

    What of the kids that have been raped by known paedophile(s) at Yeshivah and then endured decades of cover-ups at Yeshivah and then sent overseas to continue? Or the ones that have seen through the disgusting hypocrisy from top to bottom and have been turned off and pretend to be frum Lubavitchers but have not dovened anything in years, and sit talking on Shabbos in side rooms, tables, or outside the Shules. Would it have been better if these kids went to a Goyish school where they could still be frum instead of being so abused and hurt by the school that they never want to go near a Shule ever again. Or Gone to Yavneh? And stayed frum?

    And the rubbish continues today. Wait for explosive news. Don’t know when but the truth always comes out in the end.

  11. For you guys everything is black and white. Because Waks went public on abuse, anything else he did wrong in the way he went about it counts for nothing. Because kids were abused under the watch of the trustees, anything good they did for decades before that counts for nothing. No point having any further discussion.

  12. OMG. Chaim New now getting a tribute at the dinner party. Maybe Cyprys should get one too for his years of dedicated service. Chaim was one of the great arseholes of Yeshivah, responsible for the mess it’s in today. I’m sure Reb Chaim has spent the last few months finding out what happens to pedophiles and those who allow them to rape children.

  13. I don’t think it’s nice to criticize people who are no longer living. However, Rabbi Lau, the star attraction at the Yeshivah Dinner is alive. If I have the right rabbi, then he fits in perfectly with all our friends at Yeshivah. and Yeshiva. Perhaps Malka Leifer can make a quick appearance and raise funds to pay back her airline tickets.

  14. Friend of Levi you are a dope.
    Conflating a parking ticket(Manny Waks’ avera) with the averas committed against him & other victims is idiotic.

  15. If it wasn’t for [Manny Waks] Kramer, Cyprys, Leifer and all the ones who were put off by the prospect of jail, might be screwing your kids today.

    This is very true and should not be discounted. Still, I wish he had redirected his energy as the situation developed. The recently-linked article in the NY Daily News says that Waks wants the Melbourne community where he grew up […] to implement programs to detect and prevent sexual abuse. Doesn’t he know that YBR has been doing just that, for years? There’s a big billboard at the corner of Empress St that says YBR is the first school to have been accredited for some Australian Government safe schools initiative. Where has Manny, or Tzedek, or Kol v’Oz been in all this? It would have been great if an activist group had been leading and coordinating similar initiatives across Melbourne institutions, but this news article implies that Manny was simply unaware of it.

  16. Finally Bruce says something. How about an apology for the false rumours about Nechama Bendet and ESS? That was below the belt!

  17. “Unfortunately, there has been a continual failure by several persons in ongoing positions of power and authority to address the conduct of their family members”, WTF? Someone in a position of authority at Yeshivah has to address the conduct of their family members (and I assume that doesn’t mean young children)? Is that part of their job description – to make sure they family members don’t offend anyone? That is total nonsense!

  18. Poor Chaim Glick. The guy is mentally retarded to begin with and he has really been struggling to cope with his family’s fall from grace. There was a time when Glicks were associated with bagels and challahs. Now everyone associates them with protecting pedophiles.

  19. The victims want Nechama to tell Chaim to shut up, and for Nechama to finally step down, which she will do after the elections and the new boards. Is she so all-powerful that she’s can to keep all her relatives from saying things that offend people? She has a lot of relatives!

  20. Confused, here. Is Bruce Cooke a former student at Yeshiva? I thought he was Canadian, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I know Chaim Glick taught in Yeshiva once, but that was like thirty years ago. What does his conduct at a Kiddush have to do with anything?

  21. What comment do you want? He had a big business, he went bust, he traveled overseas for his health. Lots of people have done this, and most of them aren’t Jewish. But when it’s a Jew, The Age has a big spread on him and gleefully points out anything that makes the story sound more Jewish. Tell me, what was Alan Bond’s religion? Was that ever mentioned by The Age? How about Christopher Skase? Robert Maxwell? John Elliott?

  22. Joe, you are commenting on the Cooke vs Yeshivah thread. Have a look at the AJN. I want talking about Gutnick.

  23. Not so fast. Nechama Bendet shot herself in the foot.Bruce hasn’t blinked & will not be blinking. He made lawful comments,strong but lawful.He is standing firm & will be defending this bully boy bluff action.

    In the process of defending this absurd action all sorts of dirty linen will be oxygenated or more to the point ozonised ! It will be a ” another fine mess she has gotten the Yeshivah into”

    The Royal Commission hearing on March 23rd & Bruce standing firm has got Bendet & the Yeshivah Bandits into panic mode.

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