Head Shliach vs Head Shliach

Letter from Chaim Tzvi Groner on 1 March

Please be advised that I terminated Rabbi Chaim Herzog’s appointment as a Chabad shliach on 14 Cheshvan 5774, 18th October, 2013.

Accordingly, Rabbi Chaim Herzog does not have my authority to continue to use the names “Chabad” or “Lubavitch” in any activities being conducted by him, including but not limited to Chabad of CBD (Melbourne).  Any continued use of these names in conjunction with any activities undertaken or initiated by him is without my authority.

I acknowledge that more should have been done to have publicised this determination earlier.

I apologise to those that may have been impacted by my failure to have more publically alerted the community of my determination to terminate Rabbi Chaim Herzog’s appointment as a Chabad shliach earlier.

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner
Head Shliach, Melbourne Australia

Letter from Yossel Gutnick on 4 March

It is with deep regret that I read the letter from Rabbi C Z Groner, disseminated to all members of the Yeshivah Community via the Yeshiva community email. Its well known that the Chabad Houses  are an independent organization headed by Rabbi A Serebransky, Rabbi Yossel Gutnick, and Rabbi C Z Groner  all appointed by Chabad Headquarters in N Y and not under one individual, or the Yeshiva organization.
In the current climate with the tragic events that have recently befallen our community together with the negative publicity emanating from the Royal Commission, in the spirit of unity  and Chabad values and  principals we encourage all Anash and Shluchim to work together and work out  issues internally, and not fragment  Cahbad Houses and their Emissary’s .

As there are three head Shiluchim responsible for Chabad  Houses around  Australia (excluding NSW headed by Rabbi P Feldman ) this issue and all future issues should be discussed and agreed upon to by the three Head Shiluchim  and not by one individual independently taking severe action of this nature on his own accord.

The letter and action taken by Rabbi CZ Groner was without consent and should be retracted. I strongly urge the letter against Rabbi C Herzog should be withdrawn forthwith.

I would like to conclude with the Blessing of
������ ����� ����� ����
Rabbi Yossel Gunick
Head Shilach Australia


The two of them have become a joke
Why did Chaim Tzvi write this now?
What was he planning to do if Herzog defies him just as he has been doing for years?
Yossel was put under pressure by Levi Mochkin and Henry Herzog to come out against Chaim Tzvi.
Yossel has a conflict of interest as the three crooks are all in business together.
Now this has become an issue of who is in charge of shluchim
Where is Reb Arol Serebryanski in all this?


41 thoughts on “Head Shliach vs Head Shliach

  1. All the “head shluchim” are a disgrace. They should all step down and let some young guys take over. Boruch Hashem we have some good young Chabad Rabbonim in Melbourne.

  2. Yossi, Reb Arel was appointed by the Rebbe, and has in the Rebbe’s holy handwriting יו״ר המל״ח באוסטראליא וניו זילאנד. Nobody has the authority to change that; not Kotlarski, and certainly not Yossel or Chaim Tzvi. Nor does he have the authority to lay down this shlichus while he still has the strength to fulfil it.

  3. Gertbysea – how exactly has Reb Arel been fulfilling his head shlichus? What has he done about the meshugah Herzog? He can’t even sit together at a table with the other two

  4. Correction: the Rebbe’s words were בא כח המל״ח, not יו״ר. The Rebbe was and remains the יו״ר. Reb Arel has been fulfilling his shlichus according to the Rebbe’s instructions and his understanding. Herzog is not his problem. He didn’t appoint him, he has nothing to do with him, and it’s not his job to do anything about him. It’s not as if Herzog would listen to him. Let those who put Herzog in his position deal with him. He doesn’t object to Chaim Tzvi correcting his father’s mistake. Yossel is the one objecting, so let those two argue it out.

  5. In the red corner, weighing in at……………….

    Laughing stock of the world, both by Yidden and Goyim, frum and not frum. And we wonder why are kids are freing out. When is the last time your kid dovened Mincha or Maariv or Krias Shema. Won’t mention where they eat or what they do. Who do they have to look up to? This one does fraud. This one is worse than Pell. This one is a crook. This one is a joke. This one does nothing. Vchulu Vchulu. Oy meh haya lanu.

  6. gert – if CTG wants to sack Herzog and Reb Arel “doesn’t object” to CTG correcting his father’s mistake, then what right does Yossel have to mix in? That’s one in favour, one who doesn’t object, and one who has a conflict of interest and is outvoted anyway. Surely Reb Arel has some responsibility to help his fellow head shluchim work together instead of just looking on while the two others fight it out in public and make a big Chillul Hashem!

  7. Yossel bought his head shlichus with a million dollar donation to his mechutan Yudel Krinsky. What he says isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

  8. Rabbi Chaim Herzog has served the CBD for more than 15 years. Why does Chaim Tzvi Groner want to make machlokes?

  9. Susan – you are right . Chaim has done a lot to be “mekarev” hundreds of people .
    He has reached out in a positive manner , and organized many successful functions .
    He is deserving of ongoing support in all his endeavors and is not encroaching on others .

  10. This whole affair is becoming a public disgrace and Chillul Chabad

    Why don’t they get together tovel in a Mikvah put on their gartel and open an Igros Kodesh?

    Please someone contact the rebbe’s 3 shlchim and get them to settle this serious issue ASAP

  11. Because the sefer would get wet.
    I don’t really think anyone cares about all this bullshit, except maybe Chaim Tzvi. Perhaps he wants one of his kids to take over CBD and make a livelihood by collecting money.

  12. It’s a real pity the CBD has never had a proper Chabad shliach. A good young couple could do fantastic work there.

  13. Chaim has Mincha daily, shiurim twice a week,and a well attended Purim function coming up. This isn’t Manhattan where you have hundreds of thousands of Jews living in the city. Unless it’s a major function like Purim or Chanukah, most people are in the city as workers and want to go home at 5pm and are more than adequately catered for by Chaim’s shiurim and mincha. Doesn’t Binyomin Sero also have shiurim and Mincha? What more should Chaim be doing? Any suggestions are welcome. Not sure why Chaim Tzvi wants to get rid of him.

  14. Where to start? He is paranoid delusional and has borderline personality disorder. If he thinks someone is on “his” territory (and he is paranoid so he thinks everyone is on his territory), he will attack and abuse and harass them and do whatever he can do destry them. Pizza or fire trucks at your house in the middle of the night. Fraudulent phone calls to discredit you. Throw furniture in a kosher shop you buy from. He is a ticking time bomb.

  15. Just ask anyone who has worked with him on Chanukah in Parliament – I did. Did you ever wonder why no shule has ever done it with him more than once? It is a disaster and a Chilul Hashem, and this is a guy who says he is representing Jews of Melbourne!

  16. Crook Levi Mochkin and his father in law crook Henry Herzog have bribed nearly bankrupt crook Yossel Gutnick to put Chaim Herzog as a shliach under him. What a f-ing joke they all are!

  17. All these e-mails I’m getting from Yossel Gutnick are being sent around by Levi Mochkin. Is he Gutnick’s press agent or something? What is he getting in return for sticking up for his crazy brother in law? For sure he is not doing it out of love.

  18. Where is Reb Arel in all THIS? Why would anyone think Arel has any credibility after he spawned Velvel who is on the run from police? What does pissant David Werdiger have to say about his pedophile cousin?


    Manny Waks says he was sexually abused as a child in Melbourne, Australia, by a member of the Brooklyn-based Chabad-Lubavitch sect.

    And like many other victims around the globe, the activist says, he’s been unable to get justice from the organization because of New York’s statute of limitations. Under New York State law, survivors have to file lawsuits by their 23rd birthday.

    Waks, the founder of a group called Kol v’Oz that combats sexual abuse in the Jewish community, wants the Melbourne community where he grew up — and thousands of other Chabad-Lubavitch institutions around the world — to implement programs to detect and prevent sexual abuse. But the Chabad-Lubavitch leadership has refused to push those institutions to take steps to hold predators responsible.

    He fears the organization will continue to ignore the danger without the leverage provided by lawsuits.

    “It seems Chabad International has adopted the same misguided approach as Melbourne’s Yeshivah Centre,” Waks added, referring to the group that serves the Australian city’s Orthodox Jewish community that was founded by emissaries of now-deceased Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the sect’s longtime Brooklyn leader. “Ignore the scandal and hope it all just goes away.”

    Manny Waks, now 40, could not press charges against his child abuser due to the statute of limitations.

    Waks, 40, is in New York to lobby for reforms to the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases. The legislative session ends this week.

    Rabbi Mendel Sharfstein, the director of operations at Chabad International’s Crown Heights headquarters, did not respond to requests for comment.

    Waks was 11 when he says he was first molested by a man named Velvel Serebryankski, the son of an important Australian rabbi who now lives in Brooklyn. Waks says he was also abused by David Cyprys, the Yeshivah Centre head of security.

    He filed a police report against Serebryankski and Cyprys in 1996. Waks said the cops told him they could not pursue charges against Serebryankski because the alleged pedophile had moved to the United States.

  19. Don’t believe everything (or anything) you read in the papers. Nobody’s on the run from the police, and Waks says lots of things that aren’t true.

  20. gertbyboys comment was posted on Yom Tov – who would write something like that and refer to Reb Arel like that?
    And what nonsense is the comment anyway? So what if Reb Arel’s son likes boys – is that Reb Arel’s fault? And who gives a damn what Werdiger says about it?

  21. The police in Victoria didn’t charge Velvel because Waks is the only complainant. He has been jumping up and down about this and mentioning him at every opportunity and after all these years no-one else has come forward.
    He has no way to press charges in NY because no crime was committed there, so the statute of limitations in NY has nothing to do with this. Just more of the Manny Waks publicity machine.

  22. “Waks said the cops told him they could not pursue charges against Serebryankski because the alleged pedophile had moved to the United States”. This didn’t stop them going after Kramer and trying to go after Leifer.

  23. Don’t know who gertbyboys is but the post smells of Waks and Barnett. All they do is sling mud for their own benefit.

  24. Waks, the founder of a group called Kol v’Oz that combats sexual abuse in the Jewish community […]

    The talented and industrious Mr Waks has formed yet another group! It’s hardly surprising that someone of his calibre is featured in so many documentaries. You go, Manny.

  25. Please leave my Manny alone.
    He is still obviously affected by my tossing him out onto the street as a young teenager and has these unstable and crazy delusions.

    I have no doubt that one day he’ll accuse me of abuse as well.

  26. Not holding my breath for the day Manny realizes that his father’s physical abuse role could have helped make him an easy target for paedophiles. It’s actually a double tragedy.

  27. I’m disappointed in you Barry. You wouldn’t say that an athlete is a magnet for gold medals, would you? I have no doubt that Manny works very hard at what he does, and his effort is measured by the only true measure of success in our society: photo opportunities.

  28. Will COL Live and Shmais run this story? Not as if they will ever get money from him again

  29. Where is it written that a bankrupt can’t be a head shliach?

    If you look at the creditor list it’s apparent that he’s arranged things nicely for himself, and is set to come out of this in good shape.

    I’d like to know when he created Hoydoo. It seems a little too pat that he is using a trust with that name to **** the Indians, so I wonder whether he set it up for that purpose, and if so how long ago he did it.

  30. gertbysea you are right. Head shluchim are some of the most weak, corrupt and crooked people around and that doesn’t seem to stop them.

  31. I hope this doesn’t interfere with his direction and administration of Chabad Houses in Victoria.

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