Had Enough

We haven’t posted for a few months.
Scotty Rosenberg from Failed Messiah is quitting.
We have also had enough of this crap.
The community will always need blogs like this to say what they think.
If this one closes or stops, another one will open.
If anyone wants to take over, e-mail underpupick at gmail.


2 thoughts on “Had Enough

  1. Twenty years ago we were proud that many large Shules had Chabad rabbis. Now it’s another huge Chillul Hashem when they refuse, one after the next, to quit when the members no longer want them. No shule will ever want a rabbi again after being basically bankrupted by Rabbonim claiming Hazoko even though they probably signed contacts every five years. I’d love them to explain what they were signing and if it was worth the paper it was written on. And to finish it off they are going to a secular court.

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