Waks vs Glick

Waks has finally got his man – has destroyed Rabbi Glick
There is one alleged victim who has made incredible claims of rape on the bimah in the shul
Lots of people are speaking up for Glick because the claims are so crazy.
With Cyprys Kramer and Kestecher plenty of people in the community knew but the Rabbis and exec handled them very badly
This case has come totally out of the blue so it’s very different which is why everyone is up in arms about it
The police spoke to Glick last week and he was officially “arrested” but just for questioning not for a crime and was released straight away but still the word helps make it look like more of a scandal
Smukler did exactly what he said he would do when Waks called him out when it was only rumour. Glick is suspended and has not come in to Yeshivah.

There are a few strange things about this case
Usually police only investigate when there is more than one victim but here there is only one
There has been a lot of leaks to the media about this
Lots of details about the crime have come out
Looks like a very big smear campaign against Glick who has always been a Waks target

Whatever happens next, whatever is left of Glick’s reputation is shot forever, so a big win to Waks. Even if there are never any charges, this mud will stick.