Ash vs Yeshivah College

The Yeshivah have been trying to get rid of Pinchas Ash for years.
No-one knows why because he’s been one of the better teachers and principals there and he’s a talmid chochom too.
They tried once a few years ago and it didn’t work.
Then they wanted to worm out of paying his super.
Now they are trying again and he is taking them to court.
In the meantime, Glick is still there and no-one knows why.
The Yeshivah have no idea who to sack and who to keep.
Even when they sack someone, they always mess it up.
That’s what happens when you get Goldhirsh to negotiate.

Herzog vs Werdiger

Werdiger wanted to take an intervention order against Herzog for stalking his kids and all the web sites and google ads.Herzog did a counter claim against Werdiger for other web sites and his son bumping Herzog and Werdiger walking into his succah.
Was meant to be a hearing this week but it was adjourned.
Herzog wrote to court saying his father and mother are sick and he needs to look after them.
Everyone is disappointed because they all wanted to see Herzog on the witness stand.
Menachem Stern is happy because he can visit his people without Herzog stalking him.
He is preparing an intervention order as well if Herzog ever comes back but maybe he wont ever come back because he has this case and Groner case as well.
Shluchim now looking at putting someone else in the CBD because there is only Raskin working for Herzog and not doing anything proper.