Amzalak vs Koncepolski

Koncepolski took Amzalak to beis din over a share deal
Not really Koncepolski but instead Thaler in Israel who is just Koncepolski’s stooge for tax reasons
Beis din of Kaminetzky, Ulman and Teslner rules without hearing all Amzalak’s evidence
Telsner and Kaminetzky run to do a siruv against Amzalak without Ulman
Telsner was calling around to try and get Amzalak’s kids thrown out of school
Now it’s going to court but really about Telsner and Kaminetzky
Kaminetzky claims he is a rabbi not a businessman and has nothing against Amzalak over a deal he made

Koncepolski and Amzalak deserve each other – only question is who is the bigger crook?
If Kaminetzky is a Rabbi why does he go to strip bars?
Why does Telsner keep messing into things he doesnt understand?

Telsner vs Serebryanski

Firstly, chutzpah of Serebryanski to ask that Telsner not speak at his sons barmitzvah in shul
Even more stupid is Telsner to agree not to be there
Is he the rov of the shul or not?
What was Herbst thinking? That everyone would say what a good idea to have Johnson speak in shul? Anyone with half a brain could see something else was going on
All they did by making a big thing about it is make people wonder

In the end they all look like idiots